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Be Bold. Be Beautiful. Be You.

Empowering 1 MILLION WOMEN to step up to our role in the world with conscious LEADERSHIP,  CONFIDENCE, POWER and to embrace our beautiful

We Are Beautiful Badass Women!

Empowering You to ROCK!

Hi beautiful soul! We are Beautiful Badass Women, and we are on a mission to change the world by bringing amazing women like you together and empowering them to find and tap into their beautiful, powerful selves!

We believe that women have a pivotal role in our society as mothers, colleagues, daughters, business owners...or something else!

We are all about embracing our true selves and learning to lead ourselves with confidence, connection and power - the badass way! 

When we find and embrace our foundations, we become invincible!

Embracing Your Inner Badass.

Being a Beautiful Badass Woman is all about embracing your AMAZING self. We believe that, as women, we have an incredible AND powerful inner world of resources, which is waiting, ready for us to tap into it.  In the history of our world, we have held important positions in our communities as mothers, sisters, daughters, friends. We can think about the time when women played a key role in their communities as Medicine Women, as Oracles or Wise Women, helping many to restore balance and harmony. 

Being a badass woman is about being unapologetically yourself, owning your strengths and vulnerabilities, and tapping into your INFINITE power. It's about finding your voice, pursuing your passions, and making a positive impact in the world in your own unique way. 

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Who is This For?

Beautiful Badass Women is for women who are ready to step up to their role in their lives, embrace their inner power, and lead themselves (and others) with courage, connection, and confidence—the badass way.

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Why be a BBW?

You recognise that you have a purpose in this world, and BBW is designed to help you tap into your INFINITE inner wisdom by building strong foundations and empowering you to embrace your incredible Self.

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Join The Movement

Are you ready to be part of a global movement that fearlessly embraces the power of women, celebrates their unique qualities, and ignites positive change? Join Beautiful Badass Women and become part of a thriving community of women who are dedicated to personal growth, conscious leadership, and embracing their beautiful badass selves.

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Find Support

Connect with other women who are also on their self-empowerment journey.


Join us to share stories, seek guidance, and celebrate the timeless wisdom that unites women across ages.


Together, we embody strength and resilience.

Listen to Beautiful Badass Women Podcast

Welcome to the Beautiful Badass Women podcast, where Beautiful Badass Women's power and wisdom converge into a FUN and CONTROVERSIAL mix. 

Our podcast is all about the FOUNDATIONS of leading ourselves (and others) the badass way, as we explore how to lead  with confidence, power and connection.  


As we journey into the world of being a BBW woman, we cover topics such as life beyond pharmaceuticals, Inner Self Healing Powers, Spiritual Wisdom and Connection and much much more!

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Stronger, Together.

As a woman, mother, sister, daughter business owner, business leader, educator,

healer, friend, you have a pivotal and vital role in the lives of those around you. 

We strongly believe in the power of 'togetherness' at this crucial time for a world in dire need

for more love, connection, kindness and compassion.


Together, we can empower ourselves to tap into the MAGNIFICENT power with in us and

create powerful, positive impact in our lives and that of others. 

Our Supporters

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Our Projects

Beautiful Badass Women is aims to invest in the empowerment of women worldwide and to create important infrastructure such as female health clinics and schools in poorer parts of the world. We also aim to provide free legal support for women who are victims of abuse and violence. 

We work towards breaking down barriers and providing financial,

practical and emotional support to women worldwide.


No woman or girl should feel alone.

We commit to reaching and supporting all those women who do.

Badass Swag

Powerful, empowering swag made sustainably, with organic cotton and powered by renewable energy.

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