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Sally Heart

Psychic Reader, Channel and Psychic Healer

I often saw Angels as a child, and could occasionally see and feel people who had passed over. 

​This ability lay dormant as I grew up and went on the build my career and raise a family.

​A few years ago I was on a train which had broken down, and I got the overwhelming compulsion to speak to the lady next to me. This was the start of me initially giving messages to people when out and about and after some training with the amazing Shirley Battie, I was ready to start giving Spirit Guide Readings.

​My friend Corrine and I offer womb healing courses with Mary Magdalene.

I facilitate women’s retreats, spiritual development circles, Mary Magdalene circles, online meditation groups and Star Family healing, in which I take clients up into a healing pod in which they can receive healing from star Family.

I also channel Ascended Masters, including Mary Magdalene, which I sometimes remember to record and post on my Facebook page and YouTube channel!


YouTube Channell:

Sally Heart
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