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Empowering Women Worldwide

Beautiful Badass Women aims to not only create a powerful worldwide movement, but also establish important projects to empower women and girls worldwide. We also aim to create important infrastructure such as female health clinics, schools and free legal support for women who are victims of abuse and violence. 

Southamerican Woman Smiling and leaning against a colourful column.

The funding an financial investment received from our Beautiful Badass Patrons and through our memberships, courses, retreats and other initiatives will be re-invested in the empowerment of women around the world.

Adopt a Granddaughter

So many girls have no female references in their lives. They might girls without parents or living in dysfunctional families.


This project is all about giving young girls the opportunity to speak and confide in a trusted adopted Grandmother.

We are currently in the processes of finding a partner organisation that can help make this project a reality.

Woman and Young Girl Gardening Together
African child smiling and wih pained hands

Building a School in Africa

One of our objectives is to build a school in Africa, headed by a local Beautiful Badass Woman. We believe education is key for profound and systemic change. This is why we will choose to invest some of our funds towards this important project. 

Although this is a future plan, we have chosen to add this to our website as a testament and intention towards where the impact we intend to create with Beautiful Badass Women.

Building a Women's Clinic in Brazil

Women's health diagnostics and treatment is often made unaffordable and unsafe for women in many parts of the world.

We wish to help to make women's health accessible to the women living in poorer parts of the world.

We strongly believe health care should be free for all, and this is why we have decided to add this to our list of future projects, as a declaration and as a commitment for our organisation. 

Sout america woman smiling

Help Us Make This a Reality

Become a Beautiful Badass Patron and help us to transform our vision into a vibrant reality. We'd love to hear from you!

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