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Vida Mizani

Gong Master & Healer

I am a Gong Master and Energy Healer.

Although Other Worldly Energies channels through me to give deep cellular healing, the Gong has been Scientifically proven to do this.

Sound healing/therapy is a holistic and Complimentary Alternative Therapy and helps to improve your mental, Emotional and Physical awareness whilst enhancing your well-being from cellular level.

Using sounds can provide positive results towards Anxiety, PTSD, Depression, Stress and Tension and even Pain Management , ME and Fibromyalgia.

Helps with Spiritual growth.

Apart from performing regular New and Full Moon gong baths, I also have a treatment room in my home. Can take up to 2 persons comfortably.

I also work with Dragons and Dragons Masters.

I have a great knowledge on nutrition and my clients vary from 9 yr olds to 82 yrs with varied illnesses and mental health.

Please feel free to call for a chat.


+44 (0)7840 790699

Vida Mizani
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