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The BBW Academy

This is where true MAGIC happens. The BBW Academy was created to train you to work with other women and help them access and activate their amazing selves!


The BBW Academy is all about giving you a powerful framework to work with, as well as providing you with a strong support network to draw knowledge and understanding from.

Leading Women
Like You

Spreading The Power 

Becoming a BBW Coach means to take on the important role of empowering other women to step into their power, realise themselves and find confidence, fulfilment and CONNECTION.


Joining the BBW Coaches community means acting as a guide, a mentor and a catalyst for transformation and change.

As a coach, you will learn powerful techniques and strategies to help other women transform themselves and their lives and create the FOUNDATIONS to self leadership, confidence, power and creating a life they love. 

About the Programme

3 Days Intensive Course


  • 1 Year spent within the BBW Membership: we want to see commitment to personal development and time spent actively working on yourself 

  • Level 3 BBW Courses taken: these courses are the foundation to understanding AND implementing the core elements necessary for self leadership and creating impact. 

  • 20 Hours spent in a BBW group coaching session: this is very much related to the first requirement and it is to reinforce the point of personal development and commitment. 

There are hundreds of short courses out there that train you and qualify you as a coach. This is not like most courses.


This is about joining a global movement to empower women from within. 

Why Become a BBW Coach?

Benefits of becoming a BBW Coach 

There are many benefits to becoming a certified BBW Coach, but here are some of the key aspects we would like to highlight 

  • Work with other women to empower them to create a life they love  

  • Further strengthen your own foundations as you learn powerful techniques and tools to empower others

  • Join a community of coaches and gain access to a unique pool of knowledge, finds support and guidance

  • Create your own community of BBW Women who can then be empowered to further spread your work

  • Be an active part of a worldwide movement that's changing the world

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